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Nocturnal Emissions
Practical Time Travel

Earthly Delights CD001 (1998)
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The music ... retains that quality of being created somewhere outside of conscious human involvement. Whatever practical time travel may be, all we have are disembodied titles like Electrostatic Field Equation and Gravitational Repulsion to suggest vague imagery for the meandering washes of tone and sound. If I might venture further (and someone please keep me covered in case I disappear up my own arse) this could almost be the experience of being as far from the grinding machines and noise of humanity as possible, drifting into the vacuum of deep space, carried away into the void by solar winds.

The recent BBC2 documentary The Planets instilled in me a sense of longing for places like Neptune and Mercury, which seemed impossibly rich from the absence of life and all its clutter. The universe is so vast, diverse and beautiful that frankly, who gives a monkey's if anyone else is out there. Who would go into a shop for something they've already got too much of at home? Ahem...such musings come back to me whilst listening to this CD, if that's any use to those of you wondering what it actually sounds like.

War Arrow
Sound Projector 6

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