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Nocturnal Emissions
Tissue of Lies
Track listing

The Nocturnal Emissions (great name) are Nigel Ayers (voice, guitar, violin, tape) and Caroline K (voice, bass, synth, rhythm). Daniel Ayers plays computer program & synth on two tracks.

This is their first LP and itís quite amazing! Itís not like anything Iíve ever heard before Ė the nearest I can get is TG (very early) and Faust (Tapes). The sound quality is very open, as in TGís 2nd Annual Report and this adds to the atmosphere and feel of the music.

Ah yes Ė the music! This is going to be awkward, but Iíll try Ö A sparser Nurse With Wound (circa Chance Meeting), only not as harsh, and some tracks have rhythms and coherent vocals (in the audible as opposed to lyrical sense). The non-rhythmic tracks tend towards After Cease to Exist type music, or even Schnitzlerís Schwarz, and the vocals range from Genesis P-Orridge to a sort of female John Cooper-Clark! I think that an "Industrial Faust" is probably the best way to describe them; they havenít got the sense of humour, but theyíve certainly got the ideas!

Andrew Cox

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