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Nocturnal Emissions
Viral Shedding


A rhythmic urge, reminiscent of the loudest of discos, weaves throughout the proceedings as the typical barrage of sound crunches through on top.

NE have taken their inaccessible best and thrown it into the melting pot with a set of pumping rhythms. The result is the frustrated son of mutant disco. That overused term has given birth to an even more mutated slant on the black American beat.

Mood music for the intelligently subversive, a chorus of tingling memories thrashing against that driving, never ending beat. But this is not sell out! No mere commercial alternative, just the opposite. NE use the accepted areas of the dance idiom and reshape the rules by introducing just about everything that, in theory, shouldn’t be there. If they’re dancing in hell, which I’m sure they are, it must be to music like this.

Dave Henderson
Sounds magazine

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