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A choice selection of musical and other resources that we have sometimes found interesting

Nocturnal Emissions related
Emissions Mailing List for Nocturnal Emissions updates, just fill in the form with your email address.
Network News The online journal of guerilla ontology
Sterile Records archive of the legendary pioneers of "post-industrial" music
Soleilmoon Recordings USA mail order resource for many of Nocturnal Emissions releases expanded media projects by Nigel Ayers
Nocturnal Emissions discography includes titles we haven't listed here

Nigel Ayers Blog

Collaborators Past and Present
Danny Ayers Founder member of Nocturnal Emissions and often the most popular Danny on Google
Randy Greif California-based composer
Robin Storey & Rapoon the ex-Zoviet France King of Kool
Mick Harris Discography another collaborator who has been quite busy over the years Steve Tanza's shockwaved site

There are pages on Sterile Records and also SRC1 (including image of the package) at the Cultural Amnesia site.
Andrew Liles

Ambientrance ambient, electronic and experimental music reviews
Brainwashed a not for-profit service for selected bands and labels
Sonic Boom industrial, gothic, cyberculture, electro, noise Reed Ghazala - experimental sculptural instruments and the art of circuit-bending.
Sound Projector music magazine

Art expanded media projects by Nigel Ayers
Sharmanka The amazing world of Eduard Bersudsky's mechanical sculptures.
Raw Vision Magazine glossy outsider art resource
Snake Beings : Electrical Reliquaries (The Shrines of Snake Beings Web-Archive)

Other resources
Uncarved John Eden's homepage and cultural commentaries
Republic of Parasol a umbrella self-mastery group
Fortean Times is the number one resource for strange phenomena
Mark Thomas a TV prankster who picks well-deserving targets
Spunk Press anarchist, anti-militarist and environmentalist - related archive

Anxiety Culture a satirical webzine containing a wealth of gimmicks, ideas and images for navigating the Anxiety Age.
The Stewart Home Society for our favourite author
Bodmin Moor Zodiac research blog The world's first dedicated eccentric newspaper



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