Since Sterile Records ceased trading, many of its releases have re-surfaced on CD releases on various labels. Original Sterile vinyl now fetches very high prices on the collector's market. It may be possible to find some of these releases cheaply at a second-hand shop, you never know. Please do not ask me for copies!

Nigel Ayers later set up the Earthly Delights record label. He now lives in Cornwall and still performs as Nocturnal Emissions. He recently toured Europe in a one-man show recreating the greatest hits of industrial noise.

You may have noticed that the Sterile Records catalogue numbers do not reflect the an orthodox chronology of the recordings released. However, I am told that they are dated according to the Imaginary Time calendar, so both the dates and the catalogue number order are accurate. To avoid confusion, this piece was organised neither in chronological, nor catalogue-number order, but in the order of events as they are possibly about to occur in Imaginary Time.

Special thanks to Nigel Ayers for his help, especially in allowing unprecedented access to the Sterile Records photo archive.

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