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February 5, 2004: updates page added.
February12, 2004: Vinyl LP credits added to discography.
March 10, 2004: Links page edited.
March 22, 2004: Lustmord credits updated.
Cultural Amnesia added to Links page.
New images added to Sterile vinyl page.
May 11, 2004: News added to Index page.
May 16 2005: News added to Index page.
May 26 2005: John Fare CDR and info page added
June 19 2005 Online Catalogue upgraded; New discography pages added; News added to Index page.
July 5 2005: Holy of Holies page added & catalogue updated
July 25 2005: Index page updated.
August 21 2005: More art prints added to Catalogue
Sept 11, 2005: Index page updated with new URLs for Myths of Technology - Sony sample library .
Sept 30 2005: Index page updated with live dates news.
Oct 09, 2005: Index page updated & catalogue updated
Oct 18, 2005: Index & Links pages updated
Oct 24, 2005: Archive page updated
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Nov 22, 2005: Index page updated
Jan 20, 2006: Compilation albums added to Discography page
Feb 05, 2006: Ophiuchus & Timeslip CDs added to Discography & Catalogue
Feb 11, 2006: additions to Index & Links pages
May 06, 2006: Nightscapes added to Discography and Catalogue
Sept 26, 2006: Index updated & Fruiting Body added to Discography
Sept 24, 2007: Index updated
Oct 28, 2007: Marginal Talent added to discography
January 21, 2008: Songs of Love & Revolution added to discography

January 25, 2008: Energia added to Discography
May 04, 2008: Scratch and Run article and pdf added
May 05, 2008 tate catalogue 1985 added to archive
August 10, 2008, 1983 Sounds interview added to archive
October 27 2008, Viral Shedding added

December 30 2008, Drowning added and discography updated
January 22 2009: discography updated with ABC, Da Dum, Rock & Roll and Zeneca/Monsanto singles
January 25 2009: discography updated with LPs: energy, imaginary time, spiritflesh, stoneface, tissue, world womb
January 26 2009: lest we forget added to discography
August 03 2009, index updated,
links updated
August 04 2009 artcornwall interview & never give up added


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