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The two fishes of Pisces lie over Leskernick Hill and Wheal Bray, with Bray Down running between them. The western fish wraps around Buttern Hill, its tail lies over the settlement and field system to the north, the tip of its tail touches the fords at Bowithick. The mouth of the eastern fish swallows Trebray with its tail lying over West Moor.

In Greek mythology, the goddess Aphrodite and her son Eros changed into fishes to escape the monster Typhon. They are known as Venus and Cupid in Roman mythology. Pisces has been known as a constellation for several millennia. On pictorial maps they were shown as a pair of fishes with ribbons tied to their tails. Both ribbons were tied in a knot near Alpha Piscium, also known as Al Risha (the Knot). The eastern heavenly fish, characterised by the stars Sigma to Phi Psc, are below Andromeda; the western heavenly fish is characterised by the circlet consisting of the stars Iota, Theta, Gamma, Kappa and Lamda Psc. As the terrestrial is a mirror image of the heavens, the positions of the eastern and western fishes are reversed.



Leskernick was the site of a archaeological survey set up by the University of London in 1999 when archaeological and anthropology students used methodologies derived from Land Art to explore the well preserved remains of Bronze Age round houses. They found that the doorways of these houses did not face other houses, as is usual, but instead faced out to the horizon. They experimented by wrapping stones in cling film, and by erecting wooden frames to view the landscape. They also drew horizon lines in an attempt to understand the relationship their ancient forbears may have had to the landscape.



After 1970s Land Artists borrowed the methodologies of Alfred Watkins’ early twentieth century field studies, archaeologists of the early twenty-first century borrowed the Land Artists’ methodologies. It is proposed that movements like this from orthodox scientific approaches towards aesthetic pattern-making may help reveal fresh data that will help an understanding of our ancestors.



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