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Formed from china clay, the head of the Bull lies by Whiteheads, facing Butterstor Downs. The outline of Taurus is visualised as lying over Hawks Tor, the mouth of the bull is formed by the tree plantation and industrial workings that join the north of the A30. The border of access land around Hawkstor Downs makes up the bull’s face. Stripple Stones henge lies just under the Bull’s Eye, which is marked by the Trig point on Hawk’s Tor. The Trippet Stones stone circle marks the jawbone of the Bull. The horns of the Bull cover two stone circles just south of King Arthur’s Hall beside Scribble Downs and reach almost as far as Butterstor Downs. The Long House on Carkees Down marks the Bull’s ear. The Cheese Wring on Manor Common marks the bottom of the Bull’s head. The Hyades moving cluster lies over the complex of water works and hut circles at Leaze.

Taurus, the white celestial bull, was placed in the heavens at the request of Ishtar, the Babylonian Venus. On old star maps, Orion the Hunter is shown struggling with the Bull. All of its stars travel through space along parallel trajectories, it has about 200 members. Its diameter is 8 light years and it is 151 light years away. Alpha Tauri, Aldebaran of 1.0 Magnitude lies over the clapper bridge near Ivey. It is an orange giant of spectral class K5 and has a diameter of 36 suns. At a distance of 65 light years it is far nearer than the Hyades, to which it does not belong.


The Crab Nebula lies over the hut circle on Scribble Down. It is a remnant of a supernova that flared 6500 light years away in 1054. It is around 9 x 14 light years in size, but it continues to expand. The remnant of the original star is a pulsar, a collapsed neutron star of about 10 km diameter and a mass of 1.4 sun rotating about its axis at 33 revolutions per second. El Nath lies close to King Arthur’s Hall. The moving cluster that is the Pleides, which include Alcyone, Atlas, Merope, Asterope, Maia, Taygeta, Celeano, and Pleione are located over Manor Common near the Trippet Stones Circle. The diameter of the cluster is even light years and it is about 380 light years away.

We see the peak of Hawk’s Tor and decide to head in that direction. We are on Brockabarrow Common, to the north is Shallow Water Common, so there is little wonder it is so boggy here. There are the remains of ancient settlements and standing stones scattered around. We are following a large and ancient stone row marking the outline of the Bull’s nose. A radio tower rises in the distance over the water filled pit. Its structure is in accordance with the mathematical laws to which all natural growth conforms, prevailing in the greatest cycles of celestial motion and in the evolution of life from the smallest germ of a cell. The hut circles and old stones of ancient settlements conceal newer additions. In their formation can be detected the influence of various combinations of the elements, all of which must be present to some degree before matter can be created.


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