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Nocturnal Emissions
Beyond Logic, Beyond Belief
Earthly Delights LP EARTH005

"Yes, this is the Emissions back in control."

This limited edition of 250 marks the return of Nigel Ayers in his Nocturnal guise. A complete, signed, numbered and authenticated package of recordings made between 1981 (when the first Emissions hit the battle-torn streets of London) and the start of this new decade.

Very much an exercise of repetitive excesses, itís certainly a change of moods, reminiscent of the percussive explorations of Muslimgauze. Steve Tanza (ex-Bourbonese Qualk) leans a rich fullness with his live drums to the multiple layers of artificial sounds. The whole album has a very professional feel and shows that the sampling machine can be used in an intelligent, powerful manner.

These classical, instrumental outings represent the true nature of a nocturnal emission; aggressive, peaceful, dream-like, hypnotic .. a million expressions could be used.

Beyond Logic, Beyond Belief is a joyous work and a credit to the talents of Nigel Ayers. Itís both a relief and a(n Earthly) delight to hear NE back at their disorientatingly awesome best.

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December 1990

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