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Nocturnal Emissions
Binary Tribe

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Binary Tribe represents the second in a series of ten new albums to be released by this band in the next few years. What makes this compact disc intriguing is that it sounds nothing like the first disc, Glossalalia.

What is more peculiar is that this disc sounds nothing like Nocturnal Emissions. For the first time that I am aware of, Nocturnal Emissions have ventured forth into the ever-expanding world of techno. With a dominant theme of outer space and aliens, this compact disc fits right into the techno scene. They go so far as to give a BPM for each song. The one thing that makes this album decent is the music.

I enjoyed listening to the bizarre sound of this truly peculiar band making a techno album. This is definitely not the same music that you find on any old techno record. It has originality and a certain feel you just canít find anywhere else. This also presents another interesting question Ė what will the third disc sound like? Who knows, maybe Nocturnal Emissions will write a polka album.

Industrial Nation No. 12.

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