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Fruiting Body
Sterile Records LP

"The new LP from the emission control technicians – induction of unaesthesia is complete – a vivisection experiment with you, the listener, as victim".

It is a incredibly intense album which is designed to work at the inside of your head, rather than your feet.

LD-50 (Side 2 Track 1) is possibly the most frightening piece of music – at high volume it’s real head-banging material. Be in no doubt about this, you will probably not enjoy this album, but you will grow to love it and maybe need it.

The following piece from John McGuffin’s The Guineapigs is to my mind the perfect verbal accompaniment to the Music of N.E.: "Dragged along. Pushed into a chair, hood pulled off. Screaming blinding light, questions fast and hard, couldn’t speak. "Spell your name". Tried to find the letters, swimming in my brain – couldn’t spell my name. I must be insane. More questions – blows, hair pulled. Still can’t see well. A table – three men at it – all writing – blinding light. I was told I would be given half an hour to rest and think. Then I would be asked more questions and if I didn’t answer them I would be taken back to the "music room" – the room with the noise- pain."


N. E. is a powerful concept from the U.K. not unlike T.G. in some wasy only lacking that groups love of shock overkill. They instead use sound to clarify and communicate a concept, not illustrate its cause. Ominous electronics, intense yet subtle in many ways. A bleak commentary on life, death and the Industrial Revolution. Nightmarish stuff.



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